Bolt-On Universal Air System

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This system is a 100% bolt-on kit for any universal application. This is a great solution for RV’s, as a simple bolt-on, wire and go installation. This unit comes pre-assembled which makes installation a breeze, by just wiring it up accordingly.

Because this kit uses a 6-port manifold, it acts like a very small tank. What this means, is that you can utilize most air tools as you would on your home compressors. Once pressure builds in the line, it will automatically shut-off, and then start again once pressure is dropped. This translates to being able to check tire pressure at the tire, instead of running back to the compressors to shut it off, in order to check tire pressure. Because it has a 6-port manifold, it leaves a few extra ports to hook up additional remote mounted couplers, or plumb into a larger tank if needed. Makes the system remain as universal in function, as much as possible.

We use the VIAIR 400C compressor in our system, so it is designed to handle filling tires with ease. It utilizes a universal style quick connect coupler, so it works with almost any connector on the market today. 

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Product Description


  • Universal Fit

  • RV’s, Trailers & Universal Fit for Vehicles

Kit Includes

  • VIAIR 400C Compressor
  • Powder Coated 1/8 Steel Manifold Bracket
  • 6-Port Billet Manifold
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Pressure Switch (110/145)
  • Safety Valve (175 PSI)
  • Universal Automatic Quick Connect Coupler


Single – 33% Duty Cycle, 26A Draw, 2.54 CFM


31″ 10.5″ Fill Rate

0 to 30 PSI2 Min. 28 Sec.
15 to 30 PSI1 Min. 25 Sec.

33″ 12.5″ Fill Rate

0 to 30 PSI4 Min. 00 Sec.
15 to 30 PSI2 Min. 00 Sec.

35″ 12.5″ Fill Rate

0 to 30 PSI4 Min. 50 Sec.
15 to 30 PSI2 Min. 20 Sec.