Bolt-On Jeep JK-Unlimited Air System

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This system is a 100% bolt-on kit for the Jeep Jk Unlimited (4-Door). System installs in appx. 2 hours and can be done with simple hand tools in the driveway. No need to make custom brackets and figuring out to where to mount everything. This has all been done for you in this kit!

It does not interfere with any aftermarket equipment and is tucked out of the way, but has an easily accessible remote mounted quick connect port. Use this system for filling tires, air tools & anything else that needs air, when on the trail. Depending on single or dual compressor systems, up to 3 open accessory ports are available.

System uses remote mounted air filters in the engine bay, to ensure clean & dry air is always supplied to the compressors. The compressors are moisture and dust resistant, so water crossing will not be a problem, especially since the intakes are remotely mounted.

We use the VIAIR 400C(s) compressor in our system, so it is designed to handle filling tires. This kit will work with sPod systems, and extra fitting and air line (not included) may be required to hook up sPod air gauge.

*Patents Pending

Product Description


  • Jeep JK Unlimited (4-Door)


Kit Includes

  • VIAIR Compressor Options To The Left
  • 2 Gallon VIAIR Tank
  • Powder Coated 3/16 Steel Mounting Bracket
    Remote Coupler Bracket w/ Universal Coupler
  • Remote Mount Filter Line w/ Fittings
  • 6-Port Billet Manifold
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • DOT Approved Push-To-Connect Fittings
  • Pressure Switch (110/145)
  • Safety Valve (175 PSI)
  • Drain Valve

Compressor Options

  • Single VIAIR 400C Compressor
  • Dual VIAIR 400C Compressors


Single – 33% Duty Cycle, 26A Draw, 2.54 CFM

Dual – 33% Duty Cycle, 52A Draw, 4.55 CFM


2.0 Gallon Tank Fill Rate

0 to 145 PSI1 Min. 52 Sec.
110 to 145 PSI38 Sec.

31″ 10.5″ Fill Rate

0 to 30 PSI2 Min. 28 Sec.
15 to 30 PSI1 Min. 25 Sec.

33″ 12.5″ Fill Rate

0 to 30 PSI4 Min. 00 Sec.
15 to 30 PSI2 Min. 00 Sec.

35″ 12.5″ Fill Rate

0 to 30 PSI4 Min. 50 Sec.
15 to 30 PSI2 Min. 20 Sec.


2.0 Gallon Tank Fill Rate

0 to 145 PSI54 Sec.
110 to 145 PSI19 Sec.

37″ 12.5″ Fill Rate

0 to 30 PSI3 Min. 25 Sec.
15 to 30 PSI1 Min. 40 Sec.

40″ 15.5″ Fill Rate

0 to 30 PSI3 Min. 35 Sec.
15 to 30 PSI1 Min. 45 Sec.